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Our Programs will provide:

1. Multi-Million Dollar Retirement programs for $0.00 out of pocket

2. Income and Estate Protection. Create Family Foundations

3. Turn taxable K1 income to 100% tax free

4. Avoid IRA Contribution Limits and put away UNLIMITED deposits per year and WRITE IT OFF 100%!!

5. Rollover 401K, 403B, Thrift Savings or Traditional IRA's for maximum interest and retirement income and 
RMD options.

6. Sell your Practice or any asset (home, stocks etc) and keep 100% of the proceeds tax free

7. LEGACY TAX FREE Wealth Transfer get your family up to three times your current Estate value

8. Sell your business to Partner or Children and receive 100% of the proceeds tax free today - even if
they don't have the money

 9. Charitable Giving - Give to charity and GET TEN Times that amount in your Estate at NO COST, Tax Free

10. Pension Funding - NO COST to FUND. Set up plan to put millions or billions into fund at no cost to city, state or pension fund